Choosing and wearing the right shoes supports the daily activities and engages the wearer to be more active during the whole day.  Shoes are part of our fashion and part of expressing ourselves. Moreover, shoes were designed to protect and support the feet from unwanted encounters of the outside world. Have you ever bought shoes and regret the decision after wearing them through terrible discomfort? In fact, according to studies shoes can exacerbate and cause some toe pain issues. Choosing the right shoes has huge effects on the daily activities and the clothes.


The following tips will help you to choose the right shoes for you.


When to shop for shoes?

Our feet tend to swell and enlarge by 1-1.5cm after workout and walking. Also, on hot days of the summer the feet swell. Shopping after some activity can reduce the risk of buying smaller size for your feet. That’s why shopping for shoes in the afternoon is the best time. If you are shopping for shoes on cold days try to leave 1cm space in front of your shoes. Say bye to smaller size shoes problem.


Measure the size of your feet

In some shops, the shop assistant can measure your feet size. Whenever, this kind of service is available have them measure your shoes and take their recommendations into consideration.


Enough room is essential

For running sneakers, try to move your fingers inside the shoes. Are you able to move all the fingers? Remember when doing high intensity activity, you need room in your sneakers.


What to do when I love the shoes?

Like the shoes so much, but not as comfortable as you expected then to be? Experts recommend buying shoes that are comfortable. If the shoes are made of leather or other solid material, do not rely on breaking them in.


Comfort is the first priority

Try walking and running in your new shoes in the store. Do your soles grip the shoes? The back of your soles is not supposed to slide up and down. This will cause lesions.


What does arch do?

Consider buying shoes that offer arch support. The arch of our feet is essential anatomical structure that works as a shock absorber and a balancer.


Different occasions call for different shoes

Consider different factors for different shoes. If you are looking for shoes to wear during exercise try to pick-up athletic shoes. The shoes are supposed to feel comfortable and flexible during intense workouts.


If you are looking for sandals to wear on a daily basis. Remember that sandals are designed for short distance walking. If you are planning to wear sandals for a medium distance walking, avoid flip flops.


Boots are easy to wear during spring and cold seasons as they offer warmth. However, try to choose boots that have solid soles and fit perfectly to ease the pressure presented on the feet. If you are shopping for dress shoes pick the ones that do not influence or imbalance your back posture.


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