Not all shoes are made in the same way with same material. Sneakers are different from leather brogue. Have you ever been in a situation where your newly bought darlings have become useless after a wash? If you have, come take a closer look. This article is for you. If shoes are taken care of properly based on their individual characteristics, any shoes and soles are going to endure what your feet are about to inflict on them. Here are some of really simple ways to take care of your beloved shoes.


  1. Leather shoes, don’t know how to care for them? Expert advices people to polish them often. As soon as you buy new pair of leathers, heeled or not, if they are made of leather polish them with good oil. Shoe polisher with shea butter has the ability to do wonders.
  2. Big fan of suede shoes? Not sure if you can handle the caring? I had those doubts, too. Don’t brace yourself from buying the perfect suede shoes that would go along with almost everything in your closet. Just learn the trick. After buying new pair of suede shoes, or after dry cleaning them protect them by brushing and spraying with water, oil, dust resistant protective sprays. Just be careful with the spray. Make sure your spray is translucent. You can even test the spray on other things.
  3. Are you having trouble with sore soles? Or do soles of your shoes keep getting damaged? Cannot seem to wear the shoes long enough? Protect the soles by adding a rubber layer, thin layer, on them. You can have a cobbler to place the layer.
  4. Do you wear canvas sneakers? Do you throw them into the washing machine? Stop and reconsider washing them by hand. By washing them by hand, the soles don’t get worn out. You get to wear your favourite sneakers longer.
  5. After wearing your shoes resist the urge to take them off and throw them into the closet. You can protect your shoes and decrease the number of washing by wiping off the dirt in the evening before putting them away.
  6. Rain? Has gotten your leather shoes wet in the rain? Don’t worry. Clean them, wipe them. Dry them. Soft brushes will get the dust and dirt off. After drying the shoes, apply cream and dry them overnight. It can restore the damage done by rain.
  7. The last but not the least is proper storage of your shoes. Cleaning shoes and dusting them will prevent any worn outs. Shaping the boots by putting heavy magazine in them. This will prevent the boots from losing their shape. Don’t put shoes soles on top of other shoes. It causes unwanted scratches and worn outs. Prevent those form happening by putting shoes in different plastic bags and store them.


With all these really simple ideas you could enjoy wearing any type of shoes without any hesitations.


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